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The Lily Holds Firm: Bangles, Part One.

In which the series of bangles created for this project are discussed in more detail.

Crown of Thorns I

This bangle utilised my favourite piece of vintage string from my string collection. I'm very glad that it found a new purpose for this project. Hoarders will understand the importance of having such collections, and the joy of making use of objects which one has held in reserve for some time, perhaps even years.
As a side note, many of the pieces of string have arrived on the back of vintage picture frames (as is the case here, judging by the threaded eyelets still present on the string). These pieces of string tend to have the best patina as they have often been soaking up their environments for decades.

Authenticity of objects has been a recurring theme during this project, particularly where the use of props is concerned. Generally it is preferable to use something repurposed or adapted to create props, as new objects that have been included have often needed quite a bit of …

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