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The Guide to Gemstone Settings

This week marks five years since my third book The Guide to Gemstone Settings was published.

I agreed to write the book because I felt that there was a lot more that I needed to learn about setting; I wasn’t wrong! The book was intended to be an accessible manual to help makers explore the setting of stones, starting with the most basic of methods. The complexity and skill level of the projects increases through the chapters, with a diverse range of techniques explored - both traditional and experimental.

As a jewellery-book user, I am very aware of the limitations of the medium. It is difficult to learn things just from books, as often there is not quite enough information present or too much previous knowledge is assumed. One of my favourite parts of this book was designing the diagrams to illustrate the tools and techniques in greater detail than is possible through photography or text. In fact, I still use many of these diagrams to help describe stone setting processes when I am …

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