Spider Diary

I was very happy to find this spider today, especially as it's only the second time I've ever found a Spitting Spider, Scytodes thoracica. Having previously only ever seen them in pictures, I was not prepared for how tiny they are - this female has a body length of about 5mm.
Although not particularly rare, these small spiders are notable for their hunting behavior. They sneak up on prey, and whilst at a safe distance spit venomous sticky silk to immobilse their quarry. This allows them to have the upper hand for much larger prey (such as house spiders), and explains the curious shape and size of the cephalothorax. These spiders also have six eyes, rather than the more common eight.

Spitting Spider, Scytodes thoracica

 I didn't want to disturb the spider any more than necessary, she is actually sitting on a lampshade between the layers of fabric - this wasn't an easy shot! The fine black netting does give a sense of scale, though.