Back to Work

Now that I have time to catch up with things (I've just finished writing my third jewellery book and have let everything else slip for the last few months), I can't quite decide where to focus! 
There's a lot of tidying up to be done in the studio, but nowhere left to put anything. I think I need a new bottle of propane, too (at least it didn't run out at a really crucial moment this time). These things need sorting before I can really start work again; it's about time those poor dolls had homes made for them.

Amazingly, other things are still ticking over...

I have some pieces in this exhibition of Conceptual Jewellery in Riga, Latvia:

I am honoured to be the only UK jeweller represented amongst the very international selection. Images of the show can be seen at the gallery's website:

Also this week, my Etsy shop was featured on this blog: