Advance copies!

I received my advance copies of Gemstone Settings this morning (although the book isn't out for another couple of months). I'm really pleased with it, and it's such a lovely feeling to flick through a book for the first time.
I'd like to thank everyone who sent in images of their work (which all look fabulous) and everyone who helped out by giving up their valuable time to assist.


  1. Congratulations Ana...they look amazing! x

  2. I purchased "The Guide" February 2012 hoping to find a few basic steps for a beginning stone setter. Upon review I found it to be a beautiful and incredibly detailed guide to a wide variety of stone setting techniques. Each is presented clearly and concisely but completely, with great photographs showing what words cannot always convey in a fashion that people of all skill levels can benefit from. It would take many hours of classroom time to cover them all. It's the best "how-to" book I've ever seen; thank you!

  3. I also purchased "The Guide" and I like this book very much! It is great :) I have never seen so good book showing how to set stones that even foreigner (like me) can understand it :) I am also curious about the other book "Gemstone settings". This is exactly the same book or there are some differences? Thank You once again for this book :)))

  4. Hi Maura- Thank you!
    Gemstone Settings is the US edition; the only difference is the cover and a few of the terms/spelling. Having two editions with different titles has caused confusion with all of my books, but it's completely out of my control!


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