I've been seeing and hearing jays almost every day for the last couple of months, and have always been amused by their ugly screeching. So I was quite surprised to hear a strange call coming from a jay sitting in the front garden - snippets of proper birdsong interspersed with metallic clicks and other mutterings. From what I could discover, this is the (rarely heard) winter song of the jay, which is also an excellent mimic of other birds.
I was trying to find a recording of this song, unsuccessfully, but came across these fantastic recordings of jays. I do like a bit of noise, and I recommend that they are both played together very loudly. The first one is a very atmospheric soundscape and quite creepy; the second is just screeching, but the timing is excellent.

I have also failed to take any photographs of the jays. The couple of times that they have had a go at next-door's cat were excellent.